We provide advice on VAT and indirect tax covering a range of business sectors, particularly the property sector, financial services and international trade.

VAT is a tax on individual transactions and with a considerable volume of ever-changing legislation and regulations it can be very complex to get right and the scope for mistakes or lost opportunities is immense.  Getting it wrong can easily wipe out your margins, particularly if you trade internationally.  With HMRC’s increasingly aggressive approach and the risk of punitive penalties, we can help our clients before VAT issues become problems.

We aim to ensure not only that regulations are not breached resulting in unwelcome HMRC enquiries, but also to identify opportunities to reduce your VAT costs or simply enable you to manage your VAT affairs more simply.  When an enquiry does arise, we can provide the necessary assistance to resolve it as painlessly as possible.  

Where you trade in goods or services internationally we use the local knowledge and expertise of member firms of AGN, our international association, which are located in major business centers throughout the world.

Simon Newark

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Simon Newark
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