International Tax is a key issue if you are based overseas and are looking to set up a company in the UK. There are many critical issues you will need to consider before making a commitment. Drawing on a wealth of experience gained working with companies located all over the world, our specialists will be able to advise you on UK legislation and taxation issues.

We will help you to put in place the optimum tax structure for your business and any commercial and residential properties you may purchase. If considering whether to employ non-domiciled individuals, we can provide guidance on the tax implications of working in the UK. Another area where our specialists can guide you with their experience is VAT trading throughout the European community.

We assist with off shore tax planning, dealing with global issues encountered by non domiciled residents in the UK and all offshore trust matters.

Being a member of AGN International places us in a unique position to contact similar size firms across the world who can assist with International Tax Issues.

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