As a market leader for accountancy services and business development in the Fashion Sector you can rest assured that your business will be in safe hands.

Hazlems Fenton has an extremely large and varied portfolio of clients in the fashion industry both in the UK and overseas. Clients range from sole trader designers or stylists to major International high street retailers. Our fashion expertise and knowledge has been gained over many years of advising manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and designers in the business. We can advise you on how to overcome the issues of raising capital to launch a collection, expand your business, exhibit at trade shows, produce garments, import & export and much more.

With our excellent contacts at financial institutions that support the fashion industry we can assist you with funding your business, import funding, letters of credit and foreign exchange dealings, including currency contracts and options. Accounting for your sector is our expertise, understanding the cyclical nature and seasonality of the business.

The experience we have can help you to weigh up the threats and opportunities you face each day, such as the ever increasing cashflow problems, volatility of brands, increasing pressure of price fluctuations in the foreign market and other issues affecting the industry.

Jonathan Barron

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Jonathan Barron