When investing in property it is crucial to seek advice from financial experts to maximise benefits and minimise risk. Effective tax planning will also ensure a tax efficient exit at the appropriate time.

Limited liability partnerships, special purpose vehicles, fund and securitisation vehicles may achieve significant tax and commercial benefits. Hazlems Fenton can advise on alternative tax structures, implementation, and maximisation of tax deductions in addition to other areas relevant to property purchase.

The complex issue of more than one investor can also be managed to ensure all parties have their needs met in terms of an appropriate tax structure.
Renting property, either from the standpoint of landlord or tenant can benefit from our advice, for example are you aware that if a rent free period is offered to secure a tenant you may be taxed on the rental income even though you are not actually receiving it?

Cross border property transactions can be a minefield where both rental income and capital gains can be subject to taxation in both countries. Hazlems Fenton can assist in minimising your tax bill in these circumstances.

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